Slalom Consulting

AI For All


Founded in Seattle in 2001, Slalom is a $2.2B technology consulting company whose clients include more than half the Fortune 100 and a third of the Fortune 500—along with startups, not-for-profits, and innovative organizations of all kinds.

As businesses in every sector accelerate their adoption of Artificial Intelligence, the need for Slalom’s offering in this space was growing rapidly.


We needed to develop a messaging strategy and advertising campaign to improve the visibility of Slalom’s Artificial Intelligence practice.


The Power of Yes.

At Slalom, Artificial Intelligence creates new possibilities
AI empowers businesses with augmented insights, so that we can create ingenious solutions.
AI amplifies efficiencies, allowing us the time and space to think in fresh new ways.
AI makes sense of complex patterns so we can solve complicated problems and make a world of difference.
From current disruptors to future innovators:
from life sciences to financial services:
from communities to continents:
AI is for you and me. AI is for all.
Slalom’s human -centred approach helps clients use Artificial Intelligence responsibly, unlocking our potential for today, tomorrow and beyond.

The messaging strategy captures the promise of AI technology, while emphasizing Slalom’s commitment to deploy AI in a responsible and human centered way


The AI for All advertising campaign, developed by Slalom’s creative team, captures Slalom’s fresh voice and reinforces the AI for All strategy.